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12-14 Seater Minibus Hire

Hire A Minibus For Your Weekend Away In Leeds 
If you are planning a long weekend away with a group of friends in the city of Leeds, you should book Leeds minibus hire who will be able to supply you with a 12-14 seater minibus to transport your family to all the local landmarks they want to visit. 
You will be able to arrange accommodation once you have the correct date. Booking hotels outside the city centre can save you money, especially since you will have booked transport for your group. 
If you are looking for an exclusive coffee shop, you may want to try out the rather unimaginatively named Opposite Café which is located across the road from Leeds uni’s Parkinson steps, under a bank. An extremely popular eatery throughout the day, with dozens of things to choose from.  
Minibus hire in Leeds can transport you in a Ford Transit, Volvos or Mercedes 16 seater to Zucco, the out-of-the-way Italian joint that specialises in small plates. You will need to book well ahead of time if you want to sample their braised beef, which is a standout – Zucco is incredibly busy.  
You may also want Leeds minibus hire to drive you to a little light entertainment while the Fun Lovin’ Criminals boys are in town. Their unique hip-hop infused rock sound has been around since 1990s. 
You should do online research and read reviews before you make your final selection of a 12-14 seater minibus. A price comparison is also a good idea. Minibus hire in Leeds have a sterling reputation for reliability and will collect you and get you to your destination on time. Later they will drive you home safely. The drivers are uniformed and professional. They also have a good knowledge of local areas and routes.